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How can we help you?


First class support is a primary objective for us. If you encounter problems during the installation or use of our products and cannot find a solution in the supplied documentation, then first take a look amongst our FAQs. If the solution is not to be found there, then please contact us directly, preferably using the support query form.

Customized Solutions/Feature Requests

If you are looking for a feature not found in any of our products or a customized software solution and you would like to see it included, please feel free to use this easy online form to submit your request. We consider this an invaluable tool for our users, helping us provide you with the tools and functionality you are looking for...

Reporting A Problem

When reporting a problem or issue send an email to Technical Support please include any information that might help us diagnose the problem. The following details are often the most helpful:

  • The version of the ATHENA Software you are using. Go To 'Help' and 'About'
  • The version of Windows that you are running.
  • The circumstances and exact sequence of steps that led to the problem (including screenshots)
  • The text of the error message (If any) and contents of the Details dialogue box.
  • A list of other programs that you were running when the error occurred.

Contacting Customer Support

If you are an existing Subscribed Customer and you have a technical support question that you would like answered by one of our support staff and your need is urgent please contact the following: Technical Support This will ensure your request is noticed and answered in a timely manner.

Glaziers Center endeavour to respond to all queries / enquiries within 48 hours.

Registration Benefits

Registered users receive 1 years e-mail product technical support and automatic on-line software updates free with any purchase. Maintenance covers 1 year of both major and minor product releases including new features, enhancements, and any bug fixes. Once you have made a purchase you will be automatically registered.

Your purchase of 1 fully registered product will provide the following:

  • 1 years email customer support including software updates.
  • Customer Support is provided by email only (Due to supporting customers from various Time Zones)
  • The Glaziers Center endeavour to respond to all technical queries / enquiries within 48 hours...
  • You can renew your subscription each year and continue email customer support including software updates on payment of an annual fee of 15% of the LIST PRICE of each software license purchased.

Support & Maintenance Subscriptions

If your support and maintenance subscription has expired, you have 30 days after your support and maintenance subscription expires to renew your subscription. You can renew your support and maintenance subscription online, at anytime, quickly and easily, please see the Subscription Renewals purchase page for more information.

If your support and maintenance subscription has expired the ATHENA software product still remains **active, but you will not receive any further e-mail customer support until you renew your subscription with us within 30 days of subscription expiry.