New version: ATHENA 2012

ATHENA is now an even better return on investment. As we have dispensed with ATHENA 2011 and skipped straight into ATHENA 2012 as the next version, ATHENA 2012 offers double the power, i.e. the new functions and improvements of two releases. This becomes apparent with 599 new features which optimize the design process.

Apart from more ergonomic command arrangements on the user interface, the conversion to C# dialog boxes and grips, which can simply extend, move and inverse ATHENA objects, there are further developments in the 2D field and comprehensive expansions in the 3D field.

With the 3D core which has now been fundamentally changed, 3D constructions can be displayed up to ten times faster. The speed is controlled through the various viewing modes and the display of hardware in drawings, such as joint components, can be switched on and off. In this way for example, optimized representation possibilities are offered - also for visualization purposes. The "axis analysis" of 3D models has been improved as well as the process of generating clinches and drilled holes and positioning them on bars.

In the 2D field there are many command expansions and new standard parts which are similarly available in 3D. The new ATHENA object "Wall" has been programmed - an intelligent drawing component which is also multi-layered. The "Facade elevation" command has been significantly expanded. Facade elevations, including windows and doors, can be produced quickly and without complication. Furthermore, the command "Cover mode" now shows invisible edges of covered objects as broken lines.

 The interface to LogiKal (Orgadata) has been improved and a new one to ERPLUS (T.A. Project) has been produced.

 ATHENA 2012 can be run under AutoCAD (Architecture) 2010 - 2012.

Detailed Information can be found here (PDF)

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