“We have been up and running for over 2 months now, and I still am in awe every time I see it running (as are all of our employees).  I just look over at our shop foreman with a smile on my face saying “pretty fast huh?”, and he says back to me “pretty fast”. The autoloader is an absolute must.  Unless you just don’t have the room.” Jeff Nichols- Mission Glass, Seattle WA  

  “Machine is running great.  The whole experience has been great from my trip out to Arizona to the installation.  I can tell you we have cut our Curtain wall Fabrication time in almost half.  Instead of handling material 2-3 times during fab, extrusions are coming out  ready for shear blocks and loaded right onto a skid or Build table.  We are working on a large Screw Spline Storefront job now, Our efficiency Has massively improved, we can concentrate on the actual screwing and erecting of the frames in lieu of laying out and drilling for horizontal joinery.  I can allocate labor completely different in my shop since we got our machine and get final product out the door much faster.  The best part about this machine is it can be run by anyone, after a few days training my Shop foreman was running it confidently, The key to the whole thing was just getting comfortable with it.  When we decided to start automating our shop I wanted machinery my  glaziers could run, it was important to us that someone who knows our trade can see product from Stock length to assembled unit go out to the jobsite.  Rhino 600 has made this process much more efficient and cutting labor costs at the same time.” Mark Pettorini-Norwalk Glass Company  

  “The Rhino 600 has been a very good time saver in our fabrication shop as we have decreased our required labor by 40% to 60% depending on which system of the framing is being processed.  We can load up to (10)stock lengths of material up that could be 32' length and have the shear block/screw spline hole all layout and drill in the correct location without using any manual labor beside loading and unloading the Rhino.   This includes drilling curtain wall intermediate verticals that will be drilled on both side at the same time.  The curtain wall horizontals are now being drilled and countersink at the same time versus our process before was drilling the hole and then countersinking to finish the part.  With the production of the Rhino we no longer require a layout person nor a person to drill/countersink for shear blocks and screw spline which is the labor that we have saved.  With the reduced labor we are now using it to lower our cost to allow our company to be successful on more projects.” Ron VanHorn-Lansing Glass  

  “We have been using the RhinoFab 600 for almost two years and in that time this saw has cut our fabrication costs by approximately 35%. While there is a small learning curve I would make this a priority for any Glazing Contractor looking to improve quality, productivity, and costs. This equipment will not disappoint." Dave Wright-First Choice Glass, NC  

  “We bought the Rhino with a fast track 80,000 sf curtain wall project on the books. They installed the machine and trained us on the software and machine in time for use in the project. The Rhino saved us 50% on the fabrication labor.” John Maganas-Malvern Glass inc., PA