About Us

Glaziers Center, THE industry resource for consulting, software and metal fabrication machinery, was founded by Bill Cole—a 30+ year veteran of the glazing and construction industry. It was years of “hands-on” experience as a project manager and commercial glazing contractor that became the inspiration to design fabrication equipment and software to more effectively meet the needs of the glazing and metal fabrication industry.

Our team is dedicated to bringing together innovative ideas, software technology and machinery for the purpose of improving the accuracy, efficiency and productivity of fabricating architectural aluminum for curtain walls and storefronts.

What We Do

Glaziers Center is revolutionizing metal fabrication with customizable solutions designed specifically for the glazing industry. Our SOFTWARE and RHINOFAB machinery support glazing contractors in streamlining the processes of cutting, fabricating, labeling and inventorying storefront and curtain wall systems—reducing labor costs and lowering headcount from what is required using traditional methods.

Glazing contractors have learned they can rely on—and trust in the experience and knowledge of the Glaziers Center team.

Let us help turn your fabrication shop into a profit center.