About Us

The Glaziers Center. is a software and machinery distribution company dedicated to bringing innovative ideas, technology and machinery together in a completly new and revolutionary line of CAD systems and machine lines for the Commercial Glazing Industry.

Staffed by a group of talented, dedicated individuals with over 30 years in the Commercial Glazing Industry The Glaziers Center is poised to revolutionize the CAD industry.

For AutoCAD users, The Glaziers Center provides various versions of software tools which can be used as "add-ins". Using this method, designers can work in their familiar environment while gaining the benefits of Athena productivity.

ATHENA, our flagship product, has redefined the way Curtainwall, Storefront and Facade Designers operate. With its intuitive, elegant design environment, coupled with powerful and easy to use tools for producing Engineering Calculations and Parts lists, ATHENA has become the preferred choice for Glazing systems design around the world.

Flixo, enables our users to complete Isothermal calculations to different Elevations and part structures of the elevations.

If you are interested in our software products, or wish to speak with a company representative, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Please direct all phone calls requesting information about pricing and availability to our Sales Office listed on our Contacts Page. Call Technical Support if your having difficulties with any Glaziers Center product. Thank you.