Rhino Machine

Built specifically for the Glazing Industry

The RhinoFab 1150 is designed and built specifically for the glazing industry, by people who know the industry and what is required to fabricate curtain wall and storefront materials.

  • We understand that you could be fabricating 10' curtain wall in the morning, storefront in the afternoon, and anything else in between
  • We understand that a rush job means now—not next week
  • We understand that when you need our support, it means today—not tomorrow
Rhino Machine

Layout, drill and cut at one workstation

No more layout of drilling locations with a tape measure and pencil, no more drilling templates. The Rhino is fed the layout from the elevations that are already drawn, it knows exactly where to drill and cut the parts.

  • No more moving material from one workstation to another
  • Eliminating movement of material cuts down on scratches and other potential damage
Rhino Machine

Load the machine for continuous use

With our automatic material loading and feed center, you can load your material and let the machine run for hours—reducing the loading time significantly.

  • Load 10 stock lengths up to 31' at one time
  • Let the machine operator concentrate on running the machine
  • Allows the operator the ability to pay attention to sorting and stacking the material on the out feed
  • Reduces the need for two men at the machine, making this a one-man operation
  • Always a continuous flow of material going to the machine
Rhino Machine

Accurate cuts and holes ensure an exact fit every time

The Rhino cuts and drills holes within 0.005" accuracy to ensure your horizontals line up with your verticals exactly as needed.

  • Auto sighting to ensure deflected pieces are drilled correctly the entire length of the extrusion
  • Drill and countersink at required locations
Rhino Machine

3 Routers perform routing operations and ensure rapid drilling of holes

The Rhino has 3 drill heads, a drill at the top, bottom and at the front of the machine, working simultaneously—the Rhino drills holes faster than any traditional CNC.

  • Drill vertical screw spline and shear block holes on the top and bottom simultaneously
  • Drill and countersink horizontal shear block holes from front drill
  • Drill holes on front of vertical for steel loaded mullions
  • Perform any type of routing operation
  • Rout out butt hinges for door jambs
  • Rout out sill and Head pieces to drop over shear blocks
Rhino Machine

Pre-Loaded parts

All the leading manufacturers parts are preloaded into the software that runs the machine, so you have no administrative time to invest in creating this on your own. Furthermore, we maintain the database—constantly adding manufacturers and parts, so you aren’t bogged down in managing the updates.

  • YKK AP
  • EFCO
  • Kawneer
  • Tubelite
  • Oldcastle
  • U.S. Aluminum
Rhino Machine

Load your own custom parts and Fabrications into the software to go to the machine

You can load any part and fabrication into the software to draw elevations with or just simply to send an extrusion to the machine for quick machining. The software is very powerful and flexible for our type of work.

  • Load parts fast and easy
  • Load fabrications fast and easy
Rhino Machine

The Rhino 1150 verses traditional CNC machines

The Rhino 1150 was designed and built specifically for the curtain wall and storefront industry; our needs are complex and vary greatly from project to project. While other CNC machines do much more and serves more industries our machine does exactly what you need done.

  • The machine takes a cut list with fabrications then drills and cuts
  • You don’t need an expensive and highly trained CNC operator to run the machine
  • Very fast start up with the machine, you are doing a project the day they install the machine
  • Very easy to operate
Rhino Machine

Very low cost, the machine pays you to own

The RhinoFab 1150 literally pays you to own, with your signature you can start earning money with the Rhino immediately. The machine will earn you at least $26 dollars an hour, we ask that you only give us a part of that so we can continue to build the best machine. After 5 years you keep 100% of the profits. The machine with proper maintenance will last you 10-15 years at least.

  • Very low cost to own the machine
  • This machine is accepted for Section 179 tax break, this means you can deduct the entire amount of the machine this year on your taxes and still deduct the payments for the following 5 years. An easy $40,000-$60,000 in your pocket this year.
  • In most states there is no Sales Tax
Rhino Machine

Automatic Sorting of material as it comes off the machine

Sorting of cut material has always been a process that takes a lot of time and effort, we automatically sort the materials for your carts to allow the operator to know where the parts go as they process materials through the machine.

  • Sort for Carts as it comes off the machine
  • Sort by elevation
  • Sort by tag or mark number
Rhino Machine

Turn Key installation and setup

The RhinoFab 1150 installs in 3 days by our highly trained staff, once the machine is setup then they run a project at your location and train your staff in its operation. By the time we leave you will be running projects daily with the machine.

  • Installation and training done by highly trained staff
  • Setup and running in 3 days
  • Software training is done prior to machine installation
  • Ongoing software training provided
  • No CNC experience required to operate the machine
  • Easy and fast to train new employees to operate the machine
Rhino Machine

Automatic Down Cut Miter Saw

  • Miter cut from 45° to 135° angles
  • Cuts from the top down to ensure no parts get caught in the machine
  • Cutting from the top down gets more blade on the part
  • Versa Clamps ensure your part is held securely during the cut
  • Automatically changes angles as the part moves through the machine
Rhino Machine

One Man Operation

The Rhino is a one-man operated machine

  • One-man operation
  • Expand your business without adding employees
Rhino Machine

Made In USA

Our equipment and software is made right here in the USA with pride. Getting parts for the machine or support for the software is very quick and easy

  • Made in Arizona
  • Supported in Arizona
Rhino Machine

Excellent Fanatical Support

When I say Fanatical support I really mean fanatical support, you call we answer. We are here to answer your questions or go online to help with your project immediately. We understand when you have a job now that means Right Now!!!

  • Never get a machine, we answer
  • Get immediate help with issues
Rhino Machine

Direct connect Software to Machine

Direct connect Software to Machine

Design all your frames with parts in our software and send directly to the machine for fabrication. Our software is the best in the industry for designing curtain walls, storefronts and sending out to fabrication.

  • Manufacturers come preloaded
  • Load your own custom parts and fabrications
  • Create custom frames, Arched Top, Rake Top, Corners etc…
  • Create project estimates
  • Glass takeoffs
  • Bill of Materials
  • Perform alternate bids (switch from one manufacturer to another for pricing)
  • Export to CAD