Rhino Machine


  • Top, Bottom & Back 3 Axis Drilling & Routing
  • Vertical and Miter Saw Cutting
  • Servo Driven Horizontal Clamping
  • 31 Foot In-Feed Pusher System
  • 24 Foot Out-Feed with Back Fence Rollers
  • Maximum Profile Size = 5.0" x 51.0"
  • Maximum Door Length = 10 Feet
  • Precision Door Height Verification
Rhino Machine

One Man Operation

  • The Rhino is a one-man operated machine
  • Expand your business without adding employees
Rhino Machine

Made In USA

  • Our equipment and software is made with pride in the USA
  • Getting parts for the machine or support for the software is very quick and easy
Rhino Machine

Excellent Support

We are here to answer your questions on the phone or online to help with your project immediately.

  • You call, we answer
  • Never get a recorded message
  • Get help with any issues instantly