Texas Commercial Glass – Weatherford, TX

Don't Just Cut Costs

Shawn Murphy ,CEO Texas Commercial Glass, was looking to control costs and cut headcount when they purchased their RhinoFab 900. But after installation it quickly became apparent there were other benifits too.


Sean Murphy, CEO, Texas Commercial Glass. We started the company in 2004. And at that time everything was cut and fabricate (with) hand jigs, hand drill, hand layout, cut lists. Fabricate all your own cut lists and generate all of those. And that's where we started. And that's the only way I knew to do it.

Original Fab Methods


  •  Hand Jigs
  •  Hand Drill
  •  Hand Layout
  •  Manual Cut Lists

Early Fabrication Investments

So then there became the opportunity for some punch presses. And that was probably about two years into when we started. (We) ran those for probably eight years, nine years. We thought that was the Cadillac. We never experienced that. And once the (punch press) was here, it was like, “Wow, this is pretty neat.”

But you're still on your cut list. You're still generating everything by hand and you're still laying everything out by hand. But you're basically not just running a drill. And so that was that was a nice evolution. And we thought that was great for eight or nine years.

Next Evolution?

Then we saw the opportunity with additional automatic cuts and different products that were out there that have the pushers and and thought, ”This is pretty neat.” So we started researching those things.

And none of it was really built for what we do specifically for our industry. And I was like, “No, this is not going to work. It's not going to work. This is not going to really make that big a difference.”

Industry-Specific Fabrication Automation

So then we found the Rhino saw - saw it on a actually a promotional video of yours. And we found that. And then I was like , “Wait, this is kind of cool here. So how big a difference will this make? You know, let's look at this.”

And we talked to a few people, different business owners, and went to the Vegas show and talked to some different guys there at your set up. And and the (other) owners were like, “This is fantastic. It changed everything. What we've done, we've been able to cut back staff, cut our costs in that realm.”

Opportunity to Cut Costs?

And so I was like, “Wow, this is interesting. I can cut some costs.” It's a significant investment, but we're looking at maybe ramping down some of our personnel. And then once we did finally pull the trigger, which was tough to bite off that kind of investment, but I’m all about making us better no matter what it takes.

Productivity and Sales Boost

And got the machine and once it was installed, there wasn't any cut in personnel by any means. It was, “This didn't ramp down. We ramped up.” So it created an opportunity for us to increase our our personnel, actually. And we increased sales significantly.
We're able to produce more product - get it out to the field; get it installed, and fabricated perfectly. And it worked great for us.

Shop Floor Response

The response was great in our shop. The guys, once they grasp how this works and are able to run through the software and navigate through it, then that just made it that much better. And I don't know what we would do without it now.

Long-Term Durability and Reliability

So we've had the (RhinoFab) 900 for about seven years now. I think we bought it in 2015. It's still running strong. I walk out in the shop every day and I hear the thing humming. That was my big deal when we got it, I was, “I don't want this thing to ever stop” because it was a significant investment. I don't ever want to walk out here and the thing's not running and you know, jokingly but also very quite serious.

It just ramped up our production capabilities significantly to where now we're fabricating things for other people, too.