Jones Glass – Newnan, GA

Getting Ahead of the Curve. Eliminating the Bottleneck in Fabrication.

Successful storefront and curtainwall fabricators know that having a well-oiled production process is key to keeping up with customer demand and growing their manufacturing business. But in many cases, metal fabrication is the bottleneck slowing down their business.

This was the problem Jones Glass had back in 2019. Their internal fabrication process was highly manual. They had to lay out every single shear block, header, and mullion. They had to drill every single hole. Even with storefront drill and punch jigs, Jones Glass still had to hand layout and cut everything.

It was common for storefront and curtainwall projects to be behind from the get-go due to factors outside of a shop’s control (an industry problem that still exists today). So it puts a lot of pressure on shop leaders to get it right 100% of the time.

Fast-forward to today. Jones Glass has doubled or even tripled the amount of work they can fabricate. Many times, they are waiting to send completed projects to the field – without increasing their headcount. And it’s higher quality too. But don’t take our word for it. Watch along as we dive deeper into how Jones Glass eliminated the bottleneck in fabrication and got ahead of the curve.