Arrow Glass – Northeastern, PA

From Skeptic to Sold:
A Contract Glazier’s Story

How did Arrow Glass go from one of the biggest skeptics to convinced they made the right decision to purchase a
RhinoFab 900?

Were you originally in favor of getting the RhinoFab machine?

“In all honesty, No.” – Bob Honeywell, Fabricator


My name is Walt Remley. I work here at Arrow Glass. I'm the Operations Manager. Typically, we do anywhere from $25,000 projects to million-dollar glass and glazing projects - all contract glazing.

Previous Issues

Our main obstacles were obviously being behind schedule. From Jump Street; from day one. Everything that was done manually, there was human error across the board. Horizontals weren't lining up. We used to take material from our saw to the punch to the bench, and you're moving it all around and you're getting it into the punch. And it's scratching the material, laying out a hundred verticals. And, you know, you missed two. Well, those are two mistakes you got to fix in the field. A $10 problem becomes $1,000 problem - curtain or storefront, you name it. We had these issues.

• Behind Schedule
• Human Error
• Misalignment
• Wasted Movement
• Scratches
• Install Issues

Why was Arrow Glass so hesitant about
purchasing a RhinoFab automation machining center?

We had great resistance to purchasing the machine. It was an expense we didn't know would be beneficial. We didn't know if we were to recoup our costs.

I don't know of any three people you can pick that would be more skeptical than our crew that we're making the decision were. Even the fabricator. He's an older gentleman, and he was wondering how he would take to hire him

Like most companies, large machinery and equipment decisions are not made overnight.
That was also the case for Arrow Glass.

It was a pretty long process. It took about a year from the time we consider it to we started asking questions, talking to Bill (Cole). We talked to several people, including Bill. Bill was obviously our Rhino and DeMichele contact but everybody pointed to – This is the machine. If you're looking to get into automation, this is the machine you want.

After much consideration, Arrow Glass ultimately decided to purchase a RhinoFab 900, specifically
designed for the glazing industry.

Overall, the machine, I would say the machine is a reliable quality machine. In a week’s time, I could outproduce three fabricators.

From the maintenance standpoint. I haven't seen much maintenance that you have to do on a regular basis. It's all intermittent; due to vibration or parts just wearing out.

Arrow Glass has transformed their metal fabrication process with the RhinoFab 900.
They increased productivity, cut costs, improved quality, and gone from skeptical
to convinced they made the right decision.

The main things that the Rhino has done for Arrow Glass has just increased our ability to get a job from the shop floor out the door. Definitely. On the larger projects, it takes weeks off the fabrication time from beginning to end. We've taken advantage of it in our estimating because we know we can pump out what we used to charge us 60% of the cost.

There’s a complete confidence in the machine that we, that we purchased that I think the guys down in the shop that it's went from not wanting it to the same guys saying, I don't think we can live without it.